X Casino Bonus Responsible Gambling Information

X Casino Bonus is an information site providing South African players with casino bonus details. We are not a casino and we do not handle financial transactions. However, as part of the gambling world we do like to make play out part in promoting responsible gambling.

If you suspect you have an issue with gambling, the organisations provided below can help you manage your addiction or gambling problem. Some tips are provided to help you recognise the signs of addiction and how to thwart problems while gambling online.

South African Organisations for Gambling Addiction

The National Responsible Gambling Programme was founded in 2000. It is the only type in the public-private sector that helps the entire African nation fight against gambling problems. It is located at www.responsiblegambling.co.za or you can call 0800 006 008 for counselling.

Protections for Underage Gamblers

For parents who are concerned about underage South Africans accessing gambling sites there are filtering programs that can be implemented. These include the following:

Assessment Test for Online Gamblers

In the event you feel you may have a problem gambling there are self-assessment tests you can use. These tests will ask you some leading questions such as if your work is affected by your gambling, if you continue playing after a win in order to win more, and if you have ever borrowed money to gamble. If you select yes to any of the questions on the questionnaire it is best to seek help centres.

At any point that you feel your work or social life is suffering from gambling you need to seek attention. To limit the possibility of trouble consider these tips:

  • Set daily, weekly or monthly limits as provided by South African casinos.
  • Keep a savings account exclusively for gambling deposits to your online casino. In this way until the account has money you can restrict yourself from playing.
  • Stop when you have a good winning streak.
  • Stop if you are losing, by setting up parameters based on percentage losses.
  • Ask family or friends to keep an eye on you and intervene to get you help if necessary.